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Perspectives on Gender Equality in Computer Science

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Cymbals 2020

March 19, 2021

Please enjoy last year's edition of SWR's literary magazine, Cymbals. This is the first time Cymbals...

Get Global: Volume 02, Issue 02
Cymbals Musings March 2021

March 17, 2021

    “Okay.”   “How are you doing today?”   But your day...

College Decisions

March 3, 2021

Current high school seniors and their families are facing uncertainty in their college decisions this...

“This I Believe” Essay Contest Winners
SWR’s Own Carter Rubin wins NBC’s The Voice
The Impact and Importance of Black Lives Matter in Shoreham-Wading River (and across Long Island)

November 24, 2020

“I can’t breathe.” George Floyd gasped out these final words as he struggled for breath underneath...

2020 Wildcat Pause Senior Issue

June 16, 2020

Click your mouse at the top of the Senior Issue Yumpu window to display the Yumpu toolbar. On the far...

Wildcat Pause: The Anxiety Issue

May 15, 2020

Anxiety, for many teenagers, has risen over the past months as school buildings closed and physical contact with friends disappeared. Even before the pandemic, anxiety was an all-too-common problem for high school students, and the Wildcat Pause was set to address it with a special issue scheduled to be distributed to SWR students during the March 16th school day. It didn't happen. Nonetheless, the information may be needed more now than ever before. If you have concerns about rising anxiety levels, please contact SWR's psychologist, Dr. D'Elena, or social worker, Mrs. Anci. You have probably seen them around the school building; their pictures are on page 6. Dr. D'Elena and Mrs. Anci are here for you. To contact Dr. D'Elena, email him at [email protected] To contact Mrs. Anci, email her at [email protected]

Jessica Platz, sophomore (on left)
Humans of SWR
Humans of SWR
Anja Minty, Staff Writer • December 22, 2020

“... so I can tell you one of the biggest sad moments… -er, one of the sadder moments in my life is probably the most recent. It’s just...

Humans of SWR, March 4, 2020
Humans of SWR
Humans of SWR, March 4, 2020
Corinne Suppa, Staff Writer • April 16, 2020

“I’m really stressed out. I feel like I’m constantly studying and trying my best, and I don’t see the outcome that I want. I feel like...

Recommendation | Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard
A & E

Kayla Bodenburg, Writer | March 17, 2021

Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard Image from @myfriendsarefiction on Instagram   “Anyone can betray anyone.”   Mare Barrow lives in a world where a person’s status is defined by the color of their blood. Because Mare has red blood, she is a commoner who lives under the silver blooded rulers of society who possess powers. Mare is struggling to survive and help provide for...

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Changing Styles
A & E

Jamie Johannessen , Writer | March 3, 2021

Schools closed down throughout the country from March through May, leaving students stuck in quarantine with nothing better to do than scroll through social media such as Tik Tok or Instagram for hours on end. With the inspiration of Tik Tok and the isolation from peers, many started to experiment with their self expression and style. Quarantine is often viewed as a negative time where people felt...

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Recommendation | The Cruel Prince by Holly Black
A & E

Kayla Bodenburg, Staff Writer | February 26, 2021

“If I cannot be better than them, I will become so much worse.”   At the young age of seven, Jude’s parents were murdered and her and her two sisters, Taryn and Vivi, were taken away from the human world to live at the High Court of the Faerie. The book picks up ten years later where Jude still struggles to fit into a world she feels she does not belong. And she isn't the only...

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Recommendation | Six of Crows by Leigh Barugo
A & E

Kayla Bodenburg, Staff Writer | February 4, 2021

Kayla's Recommendation: “No mourners. No funerals.” Kaz “Dirtyhands” Brekker, the 17 year old criminal prodigy of Ketterdam and the leader of the Dregs is offered a chance to pull off one of the most dangerous and riskiest heists in history. He must infiltrate the Ice Court of Fjerda in order to rescue a Shu scientist named Yul-Bayur, who discovered a fatally addictive performance...

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