Humans of SWR

Jessica Platz, Sophomore


Jessica Platz, sophomore (on left)

“… so I can tell you one of the biggest sad moments… -er, one of the sadder moments in my life is probably the most recent. It’s just not being able to see my family, especially my own mom and grandma, because they live together. So I’m not allowed to see them until school either goes completely digital and/or COVID is no longer an issue and a vaccine is out. It made me realize how close I was with her when I saw her, but I have not… I haven’t even called her once. Like, I’ve called her two times over this period. Definitely [it has been hard to connect with family], like I said, I’ve only called them like twice, and I’ve just never noticed how… how important they were in my life. How I miss them, obviously over it’s been almost three, four months now. And it’s just quite… different. It’s different not seeing someone you would see everyday almost. School [is the biggest stress involving the Coronavirus]. Especially with our school going online, and then going back in person. And going online has been very stressful for tests, for just getting work in in general, and even just being motivated. It’s just so much harder to be motivated when you’re constantly switching.”