Winter Pep Rally Needs ‘More Pep’

The high school hosted its second-ever winter pep rally on January 24th. Once again, students heard from a motivational speaker. This year, students heard from Ed Gerety, who according to his website, is one of the top professional speakers in the country. Mr. Gerety last came to the school in 2016 and the current seniors were excited to hear him speak again.

Mr. Gerety first gave a presentation to a select group of about 70 students who were chosen as student leaders. Senior Elle Schepis, one of the student leaders, said that students were able to do more hands-on activities that weren’t possible with a larger group, but Mr. Gerety’s message remained constant throughout both presentations. Most students enjoyed the interactive presentation and his message about the importance of reaching out to loved ones and being mindful of your decisions. Schepis said that following Gerety’s presentation she feels like she has more self-confidence and clearer goals. Some students, such as senior Denis Lane and sophomore Gena McGivney, said that this assembly was out of place. Lane expressed how he “wish[ed] the winter pep rally focused on the athletes and their accomplishments throughout the season.” Schepis agreed that Mr. Gerety’s message might have been better received by the students if the assembly wasn’t branded as a pep rally.

Unlike at the fall pep rally, there were no games, hosts, or decorations. Cheerleader Grace McMillan was excited for the winter pep rally, as a winter athlete. She believes that it is important to recognize all athletes at the school, no matter what season they play in, but she wishes that every pep rally was treated the same. Both she and wrestler Denis Lane said they wished that this pep rally could have included fun games and a host to keep the student body engaged and to help increase school spirit.

Students seem to be in agreement that they would like to continue this new tradition and hope to attend the school’s first ever spring pep rally this year. “If we were to have a spring pep rally, I think it should be just like the fall pep rally. Games, decorations, and a host,” said McMillan. McGivney shared this sentiment, also wishing for more involvement, in general, from both students and staff.