Rumor Has It: SWR Drama Club Has Done it Again

Liam McQuade and Gavin Trezza trying to find the truth.

The drama club’s Fall production, “Rumors,” has left students, faculty, and community members begging for more. The post-Covid debut of the yearly fall production was a raging success, once again highlighting SWR music and arts programs.

“Rumors” by Neil Simon is an elegant farce, telling the story of a dinner party gone to ruin. When Ken Gorman (played by Liam Flatley) and Chris Gorman (played by Lena Leo) show up to their friends’ 10th-anniversary dinner, they find a passed-out host with a bullet in his ear, a missing hostess, and an absence of servants. Attempting to protect the reputation of their dear friend, they fabricate a story to tell the rest of the guests. Their white lie snowballs until all of the house guests discover the truth and the police become involved. This play is a hilarious commentary on the secrecy and prestige surrounding the upper class, and the danger of rumors.

“It’s a really involved cast and everyone is on stage a lot,” says junior actor Taylor Franson. “It’s very different from other shows I’ve been in because we all had to be at every single rehearsal together.”

Creating and producing a show of this caliber takes commitment and maturity. This show has only 11 cast members and most scenes involve the entire cast, creating a rehearsal environment where all actors need to be comfortable around each other.

“I love the rest of the cast,” Franson said. “We got really close and it was really good to see everyone develop their characters.”

“I graduated in 2019 from Shoreham and I did this show when I was a freshman,” says alumni David Lopez. “It really brought back great memories.”


Liam Flatley

Lena Leo

Gavin Trezza

Cassandra Keany

Torre Cintorino

Emily Murray

Hunter Lange

Taylor Franson

Sara McAuliffe

Liam McQuade

Hailey Petruzzi


Mary Hygom