Technological (R)Evolution: Life Has Never Been More Different

Students engage in writing their articles.

G. Lombardi

Students engage in writing their articles.

As the years have passed, modern technology has carved a new image into the world as we know it as new innovations are seemingly limitless in this new technological climate. 

From cell phones to computers, from the internet to video games, modern-day technology has captured the hearts and changed the lives of those who lived long enough to see the information highway become a necessary object of convenience. Tech has affected a variety of mediums such as education, communication, and employment, to name a few. 


Students have had to adapt to this new technological climate in the classroom, English teacher Sara Trenn is one of many that guide students through the academic experiences of 2021. 

“Technology has allowed for students to engage with literature in many new ways,” Trenn said. “I have my 9th grade students participate in independent reading at the beginning of each class period. Thanks to technological advancements, I have many students listening to audiobooks, and reading eBooks, either on their Kindle, their phone, or their Chromebooks.”

After the initial impacts of COVID-19, the district brought in many online learning initiatives, familiarizing students with their school devices greatly. 

“With the 1:1 Chromebook initiative that began recently at the high school, students are able to engage with their peers in new and exciting ways,” Trenn said. “I can have students ‘discuss’ a book using Parlay in class or using Google Jamboard when we’re virtual.”

Websites such as Google Classroom act as a hub for assignments that the teacher chooses to post, in addition to other resources that can benefit students greatly. 


Freshman Katelyn Roberts is one of Trenn’s many students, one that spent their youth on a screen like many others. 

“Technology has made many impacts—including lots of bullying, and the transfer of information,” Roberts said. “It’s easier to cheat in school or get distracted, so it’s definitely causing problems.”

Recent studies show that school bullying has decreased by over 50% after the emergence of COVID-19; but cyberbullying has increased by over 25% due to the overreliance of technology that the initial social distancing brought forth. 

“These days, I think if you’d asked someone when was the last time they mailed a letter in this high school, they couldn’t tell you,” Roberts said.

Roberts goes on to explain that people do not text as often because social media has taken its place. Writing letters is gone, but texting may also disappear, as apps like Snapchat are growing within youth popularity. 


Education and communication are only two of many mediums impacted by ever-growing tech; small businesses such as Lombardi’s are also affected greatly. The first Lombardi’s restaurant in Long Island was established in 1976. Over 50 years of experience gives insight into the journey and effects of tech over the decades from one of the business owners, Gerardo Lombardi. 

“As far as employment, we utilize our HR department,” Lombardi said. “We have a Human Resources secretary that monitors background information and basically advertises available positions and looks for people.”

Over 2 million people across the globe have experienced violence at the workplace, which in turn necessitates background checks to promote a productive and safe working environment. 

“We also use Indeed. Indeed is a global employment website where people apply for jobs and put their resumes up,” Lombardi said. “It works both ways where it allows you to find a job, as well as advertising one.”

Websites such as Indeed and Glassdoor are related to employment, both allowing people to find a job and put up one. 

“Besides Indeed, we use Craigslist. Other methods of advertisement include social media such as Facebook,” Lombardi said. “We try to use as many methods as we can, as far as all these websites go and what will reach the people.”

Unemployment had skyrocketed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving many businesses desperate and short on workers. Getting their name out and reaching people is vital to success in 2021. 

“Basically, social media is a big thing now, especially with any kind of business. It allows you to reach out to others and could affect the revenue along with the public reputation of it,” Lombardi said. “Social media allows you to reach out to a large audience and even advertise your business, improve it, and find more potential employees.”

Social media such as Facebook has separate functions other than being a ‘communication’ platform such as the Facebook Marketplace and Facebook Jobs

“Before modern-day technology, years ago, the way it was done always revolved around cash. You had to pay to bring people in, you had to pay for advertising, to get your name out there to let people know who you are. What are you selling? What were you doing? How was business and stuff like that? You know, years ago, it was completely different…without the tech of social media, it was a lot tougher,” Lombardi said. “A lot of businesses did a good amount of advertising, and spent a decent amount of money through advertisements. Only to get their business off the ground.” 

Newspaper ads can cost anywhere from $50 to $100,000 as of recent times. Employment business applications have both helped many people through saving them a good amount of cash and easing the process and complexity through convenience never before seen in the human eye, but visible when seen through the lens of modern-day technology. 

“Today, it’s a little different,” Lombardi said. “but times have changed, so has our way of living in this world!”