Keeping Sane in an Insane Time


Sasha Medvedeva, Editor-in-Chief

Staying inside for weeks and months in a row will usually spark up some inspiration for new activities. People around the world have picked up painting, collecting, organizing and other time-consuming activities to make the days in quarantine not so gloomy. 

According to an online article by the editors of New York magazine, some hobbies to try during quarantine are baking, scrapbooking, pressing flowers, drawing and beading. You can find the article on how to start here.

Senior Paul Reilly has undertaken activities such as experimenting with art, hiking, organizing anything he can, and doing his online work. 

“Being productive has been basically the only thing getting me through quarantine,” Reilly said. 

According to The Washington Post, with fewer distractions and increased downtime, some have found space to start new projects or complete those long forgotten. When the newspaper asked readers how they’ve used their time under quarantine or stay-at-home orders, more than 250 people responded with stories about learning to play instruments, trying culinary techniques and tackling other creative endeavors.

It’s also a positive that people are able to spend more time with their families. Many parents are usually working and don’t have time for family dinners, movie nights or other family-time activities, but with stay-at-home orders, people have been able to reconnect and get closer to their families. 

Time is the most expensive and valuable human asset, and since many people, especially before the phased reopening, can’t go to work or attend school, they have been able to catch up with people they’ve lost contact with, projects that they’ve neglected, and inspiration and creativity they had forgotten about.